Wednesday, November 2, 2011


Question out to the void - Is it wrong to pester a teacher to make sure homework has been turned in?

I am not a “helicopter” parent.  Im the first to let teachers know my kid is no angel while I hand them my email address and cell number.  I know I will get calls about homework (and other stuff).  But whats happened so far this year chaps my ass.

Background - Found out at parent/teacher conf that child had not been turning in homework (3 out of 28).  So after 6 weeks of school, said child is pretty much failing.  And I just find out about this during the conf.

Im not understanding - why the 6 week wait to let the parents know of these types of issues?  I had been in contact with the teacher on other items and lack of homework was never brought up.

Now Im pestering the child, asking every day if homework is turned in and checking room and backpack for verification.  But I feel that can only go so far.

After I emailed the teacher last week, to check on turned in homework, they responded by emailing parents letting us know that several were asking about homework and requested we speak to our children about the need to get homework turned in on time and with their names added.

From his frustrated sounding response – it sounds like there were MANY parents blasted with the “little to no homework has been turned in so far this year” message


As far as Im concerned, he dug the hole he is in by not letting parents know of the situation earlier.  Especially if there are many of us. 

So I will continue to pester both the child and his hapless teacher from now till the end of the school year.

And that’s just with one kid.  The older one has even better ones!  His teachers are losing homework!!  Can you believe that?  I have strongly suggested on the larger projects he date when he turned it in, in his planner AND have the teachers sign as well.  Just so he has backup for when the next project is “lost” (I added the quotes as one of the teachers “found” the “lost” projects, worth 150 points)