Sunday, October 9, 2011

Full Circle

D and I have been on a food journey over the last couple of months.

It started when we bought a Breville juicer and started making our own juice.  The first week we did a sort of fast, juice for breakfast and lunch with a light dinner.  Trust me – there was plenty of “food” eaten that week.  64+ oz of juice made by anything vegetable & fruit will fill you up.  It doesn’t look like it but I had days where I was so full I couldn’t finish dinner!

Then we went Vegan for a couple of weeks.  Just us, we made sure the boys had meat with most of their meals.  I found a couple of meals that were 100% vegan that the boys loved.  Mac & “cheese” being one of them with pot pie being another.

Trouble with most vegan meals I was able to easily cook/make that could be combined with meat for the boys were also very carb heavy, thus so not weight healthy.

So here we are, back to mostly protein and healthy fats with carbs taking a back seat (still mainly for us, not the boys although they get a balanced meal)

We are still creating juice – not as much as unfortunately fruits add carbs quickly Sad smile.  Having the fruit & veggies as main parts of meals makes putting lunches for the boys together so easy.  They have been loaded with oranges, apples, blueberries and carrots (no not all at once – a fruit & carrots every day).

I hope to be sharing more family approved meals over the next couple of weeks.

Who knows where we will be next

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