Wednesday, August 31, 2011

WIP Wednesday

I have two updates for this week.

I actually got out a stitch project and added x’s to it!  I know, Im just as shocked as you are :oP

Fall Mandala 8-31-11

Added more yellow to the mix of colors this month.

On to Crochet!

Started skein 3 of 4 this week.  Its coming along quickly and I cant wait for it to be finished!  Ive tried on whats been finished so far and loving how warm it is.  Im going to have to get another one done so I can leave it at home as this one is heading for work.

Arrow Shawl 8-29-11

This is after 2 skeins

Thanks for all your wonderful comments on the blanket and earlier shawl posts.

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  1. They both look great. You are zipping right along on the scarf.