Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Just Gah!

Gah!  I hate not having anything on the train to do. The movement (gentle rocking to and fro) is just too soporific for me, don't want to sleep past my stop right?

I forgot my book at work, the latest Harry Dresden Files, and I'm nearly done!!  (GAH!)

Aside from reading on the train, which is about the only time I can try and get caught up with a friend) I'm ready for cooler weather to crochet more.

Items on my wishing to do list:

Jane Austen Shawl (Tink has a wonderful version of this in a purplely/pink)

Homespun throw

Fingerless gloves

Patchwork throw (full bed size) for P

Something for DL

King size afghan for me & D (still working on finding the right pattern but This One looks wonderful. Makes a newbie like me want to take a shot at it

Throws for sister's kids

Lapghan for mom

Some of the items on this list are really testing the one crochet project at a time rule I'm trying to stay on.

Yes it may sound obnoxious but I just don't have the space to store all the yarn it will take (for most of those listed) and I want to feel a sense of accomplishment if the FINISH that having a ton of WIPs won't give

Besides, I've already have a WIP list (enough for 3 lifetimes) in cross stitch. There is only so much the hubby can stand. (and it's much easier "hiding" cross stitch stash :p)

Next item…

Why is it that when you can see the finish on a project it becomes absolutely impossible to finish it?

Such is the case with the Ginormous Granny square blanket Im working on. I have a max 4 more rows to do but I keep allowing anything to get in the way to the finish line.

Other fun things like new cross stitch charts to kit (but currently my new crochet fandom has gotten in the way) or new crochet patterns to look for doing “one day”.

Today it was a mash of checking work emails (answering some), getting dinner ready for the boys, eating some of that dinner myself, watching Numb3rs, getting tomorrows breakfast & lunch ready, finish watching Tangled (two words, frying pan), updating this post with links (mmm links), Finding the Jane Austen shawl pattern on Ravelry and queuing it, watching a documentary on Burning Man and running another short internet search for a cousin who purposely lost himself (He loves Burning Man – no luck again tonight).  Still no photos and now its 10pm


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  1. i am tickled to have found your blog! thank you for all the links. I am new to blogland and have started my own....but am learning to stumble around! and also, thanks for the giggles today