Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Where’d the Get-up-and-go go?

I swear I am so drained this week!  Its about all I can do to say up and make sure kid 1 actually goes to bed.  Im partly blaming D as he has been going to bed early so he can get up early to bike to work.  Which is surprisingly hard to get used to – Im the early one and now he is invading my morning turf!

Work is go-go-go which is nice as the clock seems to move faster but in that same note – OMG the clock is moving so fast and there is so much to get done this week.

Tonight was a rush running home, grabbing kids to go shopping for a nice shirt for presenting at Science Fair for kid 1 that is good enough to go with the nice gray pants from last year (that so shockingly still fit – thank god!) but wont break the bank.  THEN also getting new shoes to go with the outfit cause the hiking boots he’s been wearing just wont do.

Its like he’s turned into a teenage girl over-night and things have to go together.  Sure he cares when its for him but when I ask for shopping help he turns in to an average hopeless male*. 

*ok D is a great personal shopper and has been picking out my more resent outfits but I need a fill-in when he is not available.  P just doesnt cut it.

Stitching world - I do have some updates for my Crazy Challenge pieces, just not as many x’s as I’d like.  So far these are easy to pickup and poke needle and thread through and not a ton of color changes.

Mine by Brittercup

Mine 1-26-11

Gingerbread Tree by LHN

Gingerbread Tree 1-26-11

Snow Bunnies by LHN

Snow Bunnies 1-26-11

Thats all for tonight.  Kids are in bed and Im heading to mine.

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