Monday, January 17, 2011

Took Over

To go with yesterday’s post.  I finally took over my desk.  I actually started at work and took back that desk from all the papers overtaking every empty spot.  Just didnt feel right if I didnt do the same thing for the poor desk at home that was in so much worse shape.

No pictures taken as that would be way too embarrassing.

As it stands, I found a number of unknown strands of fibers, some wound up, others just strung around.  Those were added to the growing Ort jar and will be shared with birds in a few weeks.  20 odd fabric tags (yes, over 20!) hanging around.  Oh I could add up the $$ but I may faint at the total and then the horror of explaining – nope, not gonna do it.

I did find my fabric and charts for Element Dragons from Dragon Dreams (I knew where the fibers were) so I can get Air and Water started and finish Earth (and then maybe get a gift completed this year)

I also found a couple other charts that I may want to start for this year, Coffin Buzz by Plum Street Sampler (freebie) and Quaker 31 by San-Man (also a freebie at some time).  Im sure about Coffin Buzz for Jan but may old back Quaker 31 for the new start on Halloween SAL with Rachel S.

I also took time out to get some stitching sorted.  I now have a bag holding all my WIPs for the Flippn Challenge to finish 15 WIP and a second holding all my new starts for the Crazy Challenge.  See how long those stay nice and neat :oP

Crazy Challenge - today’s start is Gingerbread Tree by LHN.  I didnt have a bunch of time to stitch this evening but I did get proprietary x’s added!

 Gingerbread Tree 1-17-11

32ct Ale with DMC

Well, all that is enough for one day, whew!

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  1. It feels great to have everything organized doesn't it??? Great job.