Monday, January 10, 2011

My Nose was froze

Thanks to an “suspicious bundle” on a train downtown it took me 2.5 hrs to get home.  The wind just whips around the buildings and it was COLD.  So after a long walk to get to a bus, wait for said bus, get to an Transit Station, transfer to another bus (colder), finally get to the car (really cold) and drive in rush-hour traffic to get home (20 min for less than a mile).  Ridiculous!

Still no snow but there is a promise of ice tomorrow night (oh joy)

Sadness today as news of Rene’s passing was shared.  I only knew her through her blog and enjoyed reading her posts.  She will be missed.

For Rene

The image above was lovingly created by Mel

Crazy Challenge piece today was Easter Surprise by Bent Creek.  Another in the photobooth series :)  There are others I would like to get.  These should be easy/quick stitches.

Easter Surprise 1-10-11

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