Saturday, January 8, 2011


Will get to the infestation issue in a bit

I received two gift cards for A&T for my birthday.  Today I purchased two charts, Olga and Garden of Eerie by Plum Street Samplers.  I need to review my wish list and see what others I can order.  Boris is on the list so Olga will have a friend.

Im still using Pin-Head stitches for starting and finishing threads but boy you really have to be sure x’s are correct cause they are near impossible to remove without cutting out.  Im taking that as a sure sign the stitches will stay put.

Now for the infestation

Crazy Challenge project today was Masquerade by Ink Circles

Masquerade 1-8-11

I have an infestation of froggs in my Masquerade!  They started off small and easily captured but then I got a bigg’n.  In 50 some-odd x’s before he was caught and removed.  And then still, little ones kept trying to join in.  bah

I wasnt able to get to a WIP for the Flipp’n Challenge today as we went out for dinner but I will try and work one in tomorrow.


  1. I have got to try the pin stitch - my friend Deb uses it and I just haven't tried it. Sorry the frogs came to visit - that is no fun at all!

  2. Bast to catch those frogs as quickly as possible. I hate shen they come a-calling!