Thursday, January 6, 2011

Getting owned by a game

Well instead of walking today I decided to break out my new Zumba game and got owned in 10 min.  There is a workout calendar with the game, beginner through ?.  Workouts begin at 20 min.  My knees and calf muscles could only take 10.

It was fun, love the music, the controls could have been better (have to sign in twice, once to Xbox and again in the game) and the workout calendar is so confusing that I just left it at defaults for now.

Oh, yes – I will be back tomorrow for a rematch

Today’s installment for the Crazy Challenge is Snowy Night by Prairie Schooler

Snowy Night 1-6-11

Thank you all for the wonderful comments :o)  They are definitely a great motivator.

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  1. Haha, I feel your "pain"...I got YourShape and the *fitness test* made me sore for four days!!