Sunday, December 26, 2010

The days of Christmas

The third day of celebrating Christmas is done!  We had a great time all three days and even got to see an old school friend (wasnt expecting that).  The boys scored this year – no doubt about that.  The Amazon wish lists were the best and I will be making sure they are updated this week with the removal of items they did get.

It was nice to be able to surprise people with gifts this year.  We go through years of plenty and we were able to share that with our loved ones this year.  I was able to share the love of books with two nieces who are turning in to book worms themselves.  Between the two they received Little Women (a smaller version of the book), Wizard of Oz, Anne of Green Gables, Anne of Avonlea and the Secret Garden.  Both mothers asked what I plan on them doing for the rest of 2011 as these will probably be read by then!

I did find a series that sounds very interesting, historical fiction(?) from the girls point of view called Dear America.  I almost got one or two but wasnt sure about some of the dark (to me at least) subject matter such as letters from a girl who was on the Titanic.  I did share my find with my SIL.

Stitching stuff

Ive been working on Rejoice, hoping to get it completed before the end of the year.  Im closer but it always seems to be far away.

I have plans this week to get one more piece of fabric for the Crazy January challenge and start gridding sections for ornaments.  I do have most of said ornaments printed, have three more to print but ran out of ink (darn printer) so off to the store for more.  Oh and 3 more skeins of floss and I will be set to start the 15.

I got the comic below from my mom and had to share.  Not something Im going through yet but LOVE the response from the son.image

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