Monday, December 13, 2010

Bah! Weather

Im done with the rain.  Finished, caput, spent, over – I think you get the picture.  But it is not done with us.  Looking at NOAA, we have another 7 fun filled days of rain. oh joy.

When “they” said we were in store for another bad winter, I was thinking of the snow we were dumped with in 2008, not the rain from 1996!  Although both I could do without.  Bits from each but not having the skies open and dump as they have been.

I have been meeting up with my younger-self and finding all the rock (Def Leppard & such), 80’s alternative (isnt that what you would call Duran Duran and all others who played with Synthesizers back then?) and Eagles (cause they are in a class all their own!) and loading up my phone.  I just cant bring myself to call it retro as I lived it.  Retro to me is anything older than 70’s.  70’s and beyond I call flash-backs :op (some worse than others – as I think of the plaid pants of the early 70’s I got to wear)

Stitching update!

Rejoice – Here is what I have after 6 hrs of stitching on Sunday.  A wonderful posterior of a sheep :o) 

Rejoice 12-13-10

Ive been using the Pinhead stitch on all starts and ends for this piece and finding it so easy!  No thread slipping through on that first stitch.

While picking ornaments to stitch, Im finding a number of my DMC colors missing or already kitted up with other projects.  Im loathe to search for those projects and swipe them for ornaments.  So this means “shopping!”

Off to catch up on sleep – the duo were having an epic battle throughout the night and the hallway was the main zone of choice.  (silly kittehs)

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  1. Sorry about the rain - blech! We just got our first big snow over the weekend and it was bitter cold this morning. 7 degrees - no idea about the wind chill.

    I have got to try that pin stitch start/finish!

  2. Sorry you've got so much rain, but I'd take that over snow anyday, we've already had a bucket load here in the UK with more forecast lol.
    Nice progress to show for your stitching session.