Saturday, November 13, 2010

What a Day

for stitching!  Had a great time stitching with friends at the bi-monthly stitch group at my friend Vicki’s.  Such beautiful finishes shared, I dont have pictures but they were amazing.  This time it was sharing of mostly large finishes (Ink Circles CDC & Bramble) along with a few smaller pieces.

Even had a couple of ladies join us from Los Angeles!  Now that is dedication to the craft :)

Here is an update to Holly Pixie

Holly Fairie 11-13-10 2010

She hasnt been stitched on (or at least pictured) since this time last year!  Poor thing.  I was able to get a ton added to her today.

Holly Faerie 11-8-09 2009

Well, Im off to bed – stayed up way too late yesterday (evils of Xbox :oP) and Loki just wasnt into letting me sleep into day (which is what I planned when hitting the pillow so late)

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