Monday, November 29, 2010

A Gift Giving Tool

No Im not speaking bad about anything but something I cant believe I didnt think of before this year.

Using Amazon’s Wish list for the boys present lists!

With the wonderness of their Wish List button that works with Google’s Chrome browser, the boys can add any “OMG JUST GOTTA HAVE” item to their Amazon wish list. 

Then I can share the links to the lists with family!  My job of gathering what the hell they may want (and with DL it changes on a whim) is done.  Well until its time to pester the boys for list clean-ups.

Stitchy stuff

Still no x’s added or stitch knitted today

I spent my lunch getting DMC skeins bobbined.  Since I gifted myself the 90 threads needed for my HAED stocking in exchange for waiting in the cold for the TV, Ive got work to do.  I will still try and not start it until Jan.  At the rate Im going getting the bobbins going it may be that long before Im ready!

Knitting – I have a date with MIL for the first one-on-one this Friday and Im excited!  First project is a scarf.

Off to wind more thread

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  1. good luck with the knitting lesson this friday! Looking forward to seeing the progress.