Sunday, January 3, 2010

So not ready

for heading back to work tomorrow.  Its been great staying up til wee hours in the morning and waking up later and later.  Even though I did have to login and work last week, I was still able to sleep in and then just work in my jammies if I wanted (and did most of the time :P)

I gifted myself a new chart (kitted up and all) on New Years.  Carriage House Samplings’ A Quaker Study,  Fabric is Spice by Colorscapes (36ct) using NPI 224 & 226

Quaker Study 1-3-09

I was originally going to use a limited edition CC thread, cant remember the color but it was a very variegated green-blue with the same fabric.  Ive been having internal arguments over that combo for quite a while and finally decided to go with solid colors and use the same tone on tone that was used on the model.  Fellow stitchers and gals at A&T, so helpful when it comes to fabric & floss tossing!

Now for a pic of letters K & N on the wall of their new home

P1010297 (2)

Niece N wants to color the mat around her picture.  Ive asked her to wait and we will take the mat out for her to color and put it back in when she is done.  That way she can be part of her present :)

Small Happy Dance – The sky is complete on Tanglewood! 

Tanglewood 1-3-09

I also have only outline x’s to complete on the branches.  Page 2 is almost complete and then its on to the bottom of the chart.

Thank you for all your wonderful comments :)


  1. Tanglewood is looking great! I have had that kitted up since it was in whatever magazine it was are really inspiring me to get it out and get it started.
    Your letters turned out beautifully as well.

  2. Tanglewood looks great! I'm tempted to start hunting it down...

  3. Love that fabric you picked out for Quaker Study. And Tangle is looking fantastic!

  4. Tanglewood looks great!

    I love the colors for Quaker Study. I think it's going to look beautiful. Your N and K look awsome. It's cute she wants to color the mat. :)

  5. Well, one consolation is work pays for stash, right?

    Love the fabric & threads for QS ~ beautiful!