Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Birthday Wishes

Many, many thanks for all the wonderful birthday wishes.  I had a great day.  Lunch out with the work gang, dinner & cake with the family and more cake with my stitch gals at A&T!

Dinner was Tri-tip steak with mashed potatoes, green beans and wonderful bread.  Dessert was ice cream cake from Dairy Queen (100% ice cream – no cake in this bad boy.  And that yummy crunchy chocolate middle!).  I’d been drooling over the steak since I bought it on Sat, it was yummy!

So far for birthday stash I got LHN Poinsettia House and Prairie Moon’s Merry Xmas.  And just like with Christmas, the festivities are stretched for at least a week as I meet with others in my extended family so more stash could be coming :P

Stitch update!

I have a picture to show the tone on tone for Quaker Study (always want to type that as quacker!)

Quaker Study 1-5-10

After getting this very small bit stitched, Im even happier with my color choices.  Lets hear it for internal arguments!  The green-blue heavy over-dye (by that I mean extremely variegated) would have been too over whelming for this fabric.  The solid threads do it justice.

Well Im off to roll myself into bed.  Hope to get on something of an exercise schedule – next week, after all the cake.  I’ll need one then!


  1. I love the new start and I must say...I totally agree about heavily mottled linen and extreme mottled overdyes. Solids in my opinion too, look best and this is looking FANTASTIC!

  2. Lucky you getting birthday stash!

  3. It looks good so far. I love the solid on the mottled fabric.

    Your birthday dinner sounds yummy!

  4. I recently got Prairie Moon's Crypt Club and Merry Xmas, but I have to say I am finding it hard to get the required fabric. Hope you have better luck.