Friday, December 18, 2009


Before I get to what the title is about, I got a happy to share.  After dropping yummy mashed taters off at D’s work I paused at Michaels to see what could be had on frames for Letters N & K.  I had planned on using shadow boxes and a nice scrapbook page as the background but wouldnt you know it?  They were having a wonderful sale and I couldnt find the 10x10 or 12x12 that looked good with the stitched items.  I did fine other nice frames, both 11x14, one red and another white which go well with the finished (almost) pieces. 

I still dont have K completed (sad I know) but I did add more beads to her today.

My excuse is I cleaned the shower this morning and thx to the chemicals in the cleaner I have a headache and just feel miserable.  Hard to find good cleaners for tile/marble that is non-toxic but is really good at cleaning off car grease (D is a mechanic so there can be lots of car grease at the end of a day).  Any ideas?  Ive used tilex and currently using Arm & Hammer with bleach (supposedly less fumes – riiight).  There just isnt enough ventilation that can be done.

Ok, you’ve waited enough I suppose :op

Here is Mother Maya

Mother Maya 12-18-09

Worked on 35ct Kudzu by WDW and using Gentle Arts Autumn, 1 strand over 2.  P and I are loving how the colors are turning out on this piece.

Thanks for stopping by :o)


  1. Nice start on Mother Maya. That floss is beautiful!

  2. Great to read your post. hope you continue to reflect on the past year as you go forward with.Do come and visit wellspring when you can.Thank you for this final post. It sums up nicely what you've learned, and I pray that God would continue to unfold His heart and plans for your life,So blessed to have been a small part of this journey of faith!I will be meeting you on your other the name!

    dsi r4

  3. I swear, those chemicals are really bad for us, but I agree - nothing cleans like they do. I wish I knew of an alternative "natural" rememdy that actually worked, but even a lot of elbow grease won't do the trick sometimes. Beautiful letters!