Saturday, December 26, 2009

Christmas goes on and on

Today marks the third day of Christmas for us.  Christmas eve had us at the in-laws, having a wonderful feast and opening presents.  P’s Halo army grew by 3 warthogs (ATV of some sort) and DL got an RC helicopter, legos and books.

Christmas had us at our house where the Halo army grew a bit more and was able to see who their antagonist was (something in purple), an armory full of nerf weapons & ammo, another RC helicopter, and a Lego NXT (robot).  I am shocked to share that the nerf warfare and helicopters have won over legos/Halo and the NXT!  The boys love shooting against the window on the front door (suction darts) and the duo of chaos love chasing after the darts.

Christmas evening had D & me on Max to the Blazer game against the Nuggets.  While Im not a sports person, Brandon Roy and team put on a great show.  We won :o)  Only downer of the night was a person who missed getting off the train on the way home and pulled the emergency door release thinking it would let him off.  What it did was get us stuck for over 1/2 hr and lots of cranky people.

Today has me and the boys feasting over at my sisters house as well as sharing of the last presents.  The Letters have been framed and wrapped, ready for unveiling.

Nora's Letter N Framed 12-26-09 Nora's Letter K Framed 12-26-09Hope everyone had a wonderful holiday.


  1. The letters look awsome!

    I so dont miss multiple Christmas'. LOL Sounds like you all had a wonderful time. I am pretty sure I would have gone with nerf warfare and legos though. :)

  2. Congrats on finishing the Letters...they're gorgeous and I'm sure your nieces will be thrilled!!!