Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Little on sleep

Well with two little furry monsters what should I expect?  And yes, at night when Im trying to sleep they are monsters.  Last night my neck happened to be the spot of choice.  Not sure why the first awakening but the second Im sure was due to snoring (yes, I am a snorer!)

This morning they gave a good wrestling show.  Funny to watch.

P1000790 (2)

Stitchy stuff

I am so close to finishing the stitching on Witch’s Hat.  Ive finished stitching all the Algerian eyes so filling in the remainder will be easy-peasy.

I also picked up fabric and floss for the roof and house for Three Gables.  I was able to get enough of the fabric for the companion piece, Open House as well.  Its Dill by Colorscapes, 32 ct.  I would have gone to 36 but thx to the buttons, 32 is a tad safer.

Im now thinking of what to work on next that is train happy.  The weather isnt quite cool enough to pull out Tanglewood again.  Waiting for the weather to catch up with the season change.  Also not looking forward to another winter like we had last year.  Although I am pretty stocked up on projects to keep me entertained while the kids play in the snow :op

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