Saturday, October 3, 2009


Dont you just hate it when its Friday and work is just a run around?  Fridays are supposed to be calm, laid back and easy.  Nice flow into the start of having 2 wonderful days off.  Yesterday was just not one of those days.  Not hectic but Ive felt like Im a fireman (firewoman?  Fireperson!) running around putting out little brush fires EVERYWHERE!  This of course includes trying to be proactive for some of the fires I just know are going to flare up.  Its been so bad today I feel I could actually sign up as one of those people who battle wildfires! Dang I miss my red fire-hat (P's actually).  Had a light and siren too.

D and I have been doing pretty good on the workouts.  My muscles dont hurt as much this week but I do feel stiff, feel the need to constantly stretch.  Friday was shoulders and arms - I forget the specific muscle names.  I only care about how many reps and what machines I can use.  Get in, work out, go home, shower then eat.  And collapse if called for :op  Ive been trying to eat good portions and listen to my tummy when it says it's had enough or if Im done with the allowed amount - Not to eat more!  Drink more water (fills one up if only for a little bit)

Stitchy stuff

I won a great package from Tammy for her Blogoversary.

P loves dragons and I will love picking fabric and colors out with him.  Maybe even have him pick one to do (with me helping lots)

Ive started working on the hat brim on Witch’s Hat and picked out the buttons at A&T today.  7 die-hards showed up for Saturday Open stitch.  They started outside, with blankets as it was a tad chilly.  Jeannine took pity on us and since the afternoon class was cancelled we got to stitch inside (nice and warm!).  I will post an update tomorrow – may even have it done…

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