Thursday, October 15, 2009

Another finish for 2009

Meet my version of Nora’s Letter NNora's Letter N finish c 10-14-09

And a close-up of the fairy

Nora's Letter N finish a 10-14-09

My color changes – the original colors are on the left and any changes I made are after the dash.


I used Coats Metallic to stitch the beading.  As the fabric is very sparkly I thought it would blend nicely and it wasnt too bad to work with.  Im thinking of using the same for beading on K & R

Will wait until tomorrow to worry about what WIP will pop out next :op

Thanks for stopping by


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  2. Absolutely gorgeous! Congratulations on your Happy Dance!

  3. Beautiful finish, Rachel! The colors are just beautiful.

  4. Wow, what a great finish. Love the color changes you made!

  5. Nora will love it! Beautiful colours - so satisfying to see a finish, no?