Sunday, July 26, 2009

Weekend Update

Its been a very stitchy weekend for me.  Started Nora’s Letter R Thursday evening and here is where Im at as of tonight.

Nora's Letter R 7-26-09

This has been a very fast stitch for me.

The only other project Ive worked on in the past week is Dragon of Fire by Dragon Dreams

Dragon of Fire 7-26-09

I love how this one is looking on the orange fabric I picked out.

I would love to work on Tanglewood but with how hot its been (and going to get) and how damn high maintenance the thread is (think about sweating hands and it bleeds) I just cant bear to bring it out.  So it will be placed on hold until cooler weather comes again.

Tuesday is supposed to be Ink Circles night at A&T but its also due to be 101 deg that day.  Not sure if I can make it to the show before I melt!  I may stay home and work on Diamonds or Growth Rings to keep with the theme :o)

Hope others have a cooler week


  1. He looks like a dragon sould look.

  2. Lovely progress on both pieces. Ouch on the heat. All I can ask is that you don't send it my way! (New York) LOL

  3. Can you tell me what the fabric is you're using on the dragon? I just acquired a Halloween chart and that fabric would look grand. Thanks!

  4. Wonderful stitching, made excellent progress!

    I hope your hot weather doesn't last long. That gets old very quickly!

  5. Are you stitching that "R" for me, lol it looks great.
    And I love that dragon, the colors are so vibraint
    Stay cool!!