Monday, June 29, 2009

Tweet notes

Thought I would take some time and maybe flesh out some of my tweets during the week.  Sometimes its all Im able to do (time or energy wise)

Note to self - Dont take the full dose of Zicam nightime during the work week! – Just like Nyquil, its a bad idea to take a full dose of Zicam during the work week if you need to actually function the next day.  Knocked me out for most of Friday – walking zombie anyone?

So just what is the history behind pineapple topping on the banana split? – Seriously?  Why pineapple?  I understand chocolate (or Hot Fudge) and even strawberry but not pineapple.  Great by itself (fresh only please) or on a pizza (canned is ok for that) but not on my ice cream.

My fun is making P-man laugh hysterically for no reason what so ever ;op – Had a thing going on today that all I had to do was start walking towards him and he would start laughing and walking quickly the other direction.  Then I hid and jumped out at him.  Im glad we have a great relationship now and praying it stays this way during his teenage years (which are coming up so fast!)

mmm, D made his own concoction of Pad Thai and its yummy. Making him write down the recipe so we can make it again. – We have had a pad thai weekend!  D’s version was better than any sauce we have purchased premade.  So his job atm is to write down what he did so we can do it again.

RIP Billy Mays – self explanatory but shocking just the same.

Note to self: Fight the urge to pet the cat while stitching. No matter how cute he may look, dont need the extra fibers! – this one is also self explanatory but he is so hard to resist!



See?  belly rubbin time!


  1. But...who in their right mind could resist such a sweet tummy???

  2. All my stitching has extra fibers LOL!
    Go for the tummy.