Thursday, June 4, 2009

Stitchy Update!

Just a quick update before I run out the door to work.

Nora’s Letter N

Ive added some beads and outline to the N.  Had to change the petite beads as the ones called for really blended in with the fabric.  The ones I ended up with arent much better but are more pink.  I will post my color changes soon, I still have a few more bits to play with and figure out.

Nora's Letter N 6-3-09 a Nora's Letter N 6-3-09

I’ve been working on Tanglewood on the train.  Had a wonderful chat with a gentleman yesterday – he was amazed with what Ive completed in a year and that the fabric was so clean!  (lol)

Tanglewood 6-3-09

And I have a new start!  Nora’s Letter K (for N’s sister).  Both girls love pink (duh moment I suppose) but I was hoping for another color to play with :o)  Like with N, Ive changed the colors, not too much.  And like N I will post my changes close to completion as they tend to change during the course of the stitching (who knew?)

Nora's Letter K 6-3-09


  1. Wow Tanglewood has certainly come on.

    The two letters are delightful.

  2. Gosh tanglewood has really grown! Love it and love the N as well :D

  3. LetterN? Well, it's for me then as my first name starts with a N !!! lol