Wednesday, May 6, 2009

A pain, a fall and updates

The pain this time is due to classes at 24hr fitness.  D and I joined Sunday and today was my second class.  A bit better than the first, I was able to move down the stairs today instead of wanting to roll.  Why have classes upstairs in a gym is completely beyond me.  I took Tuesday off 1) for stitch group (priorities man!) and 2) needed to give my poor bod a tiny break between killings.  Tomorrow is a spinning class (yea, more leg muscle work = ouch).

Its a necessary evil.  I hope to be sleeping better (even more after the new mattress), new clothes (more fun shopping for stuff on the fun side of 1x), and more energy.

The gym we are going to has a class during the hrs we can attend every day of the week.  So there is always something we can do.

I received Anna’s drawing win over the weekend.  Love the earthy colors and now need to find something to go with them.


The fall.  Not physical body falling, more of my wallet against a counter.  My wonderful friend Elizabeth showed me Nora’s M yesterday at stitch group (for her mother).  We didnt think that A&T would get the new letters so quick.  Silly us.  So after helping her with the fun act of tossing threads I had to have some fun of my own.

IMG_3369 IMG_3370

I didnt like the colors used for the N so I picked blues in place of the yellow & gold and currently have large green beads but may change those to blue in place of gold.  The N is for my niece Nikki.  Would be wonderful if I could finish this and a K for my sister’s girls by Christmas.

Updates – many updates for you.

Home of a Needleworker came out for the first time in over 6 months Tuesday.  I was able to get a bit done before the thread tossing started.

Needleworker 5-5-09

Tanglewood has been a regular on the train and during lunch at work.  I wasnt able to work on the train today – rainy forecast has made the train more like a sardine can, wet and cramped.  Bad place for bringing out projects.  I was able to complete another branch (minus leaves) since last update.

Tanglewood 5-6-09

Now off to get Nora’s N started :op


  1. I wish I had a 24hr fitness! Good luck with your classes. Your WIPs look good.

  2. Ooo, great prize from Anna! Lovely stash you bought too!

    Wonderful stitching. I think it's cool you can stitch on the train.

    Keep up the hard work at fitness class...pretty soon it will be a piece of cake!

  3. Wonderful prize package from Anna! Funny how easily the wallet can fall open when it's stitching stuff, LOL! Hope you're feeling better...I need to get myself up and moving too!

  4. I love Tanglewood! Good luck at the gym, don't let those SOB's break you!