Saturday, May 2, 2009

A little pain and a dilemma

The little pain explanation may be a tad TMI.  You are more than welcome to pass this by and scroll down to the more importante stitchy stuff below.

Went in yesterday for my Essure procedure.  Essure is a permanent form of birth control that uses nickel/titanium coils in place of cutting or stapling tubes.  I thought long and hard about going in for it but made the decision that:

1) I wasnt planning on having more children (2 are plenty for me)

2) BC pills are becoming more and more expensive and a cost sink (see item 1)

3) I could recover from this procedure a tad better than the man would with a vasectomy.  I sit at a desk all day while he is moving around. 

The only thing I wish I would have done a bit more research on is what would I be doing during the procedure.  I had AssuMed that I would be awake with happy meds in my system but no, I was put to sleep.  Which is bad as I have an adverse reaction to anesthesia (feel like I could barf up my feet).  So coming out of sleeping, in pain (like really severe cramps) I felt sick.  THEN they gave me fentanyl on top of the anesthesia (that was wearing off).  Feeling good was so not happening for me.  Took me an additional 2 hrs recovery than anyone was expecting.  Had I known I was going to be put out, I would have worked with the Dr way ahead of time on some other form of anesthesia.

So after sleeping off all the fun drugs, I had a pretty good night and today only have twinges of normal period cramping.  Now I get to wait 3 months, go in for verification that everything is nice and blocked – then its bye bye pills!



Darn Nora and her new letters!


Now that she has released N, I need to get going on the letters for the nieces.  B, H, K & N.  Dont think I will get them completed by Christmas.  Its the darn “OH SHINEY” moments that get me every time!

The Dilemma - Im thinking of dying my own fabric for Ladies Night.  Figure I need a Fat 1/2 to complete the job (with 3 inches around each piece to play with).  Now its just finding the right kind of fabric to dye.  Should I use Raw linen?  Its already dark to begin with.  The fabric will be a purple/royal blue or blue mix (depending on how purple the royal blue is)  Talking with a friend, she thinks that white linen has already been processed and may not hold the dye well (good thinking there).

Updates!  To show Ive actually been stitching (really I have!)

Tanglewood – This tree came out again this month for the Drawn Thread/Ink Circle night at A&T and stayed out all week! Train stitching and all.  Of course there is still a frog hanging out in this project, I tried my darnedest all week to exterminate him.

Tanglewood 5-2-09

Dragon of Fire – I havent worked on this one for a while but needed to show where I had gotten.

Dragon of Fire 5-2-09

Baby Sampler for Mackenzie – I worked a bit more on the 2nd flower last night before going back to bed (yup, 4 hrs up killed me, lol).  Hope to be able to finish this one tonight.

Baby Sampler - Mackenzie 5-2-09


Tonight is Canned Nuts at A&T – 6 fun filled hrs of hen cackling (and maybe some rooster crowing – depends if they show up), stitching and eating.


  1. That sounds really unpleasant.

    My thinking was always I did the pain of childbirth twice he only has to undergo the discomfort of the permanent type of contraception once.

    Some lovely stitching.

  2. Glad you're starting to feel better, and I hope it takes. I have Mirena IUC - 5 years of peace of mind! - and I love it, I'm dreading taking it out and DH getting the V because that means a return to normalcy for me.

    BTW, for info on dyeing fabbie, take a peek at, and click on the link in the first post - Vonna lists the brand and type of fabric she uses for coffe/tea dyeing. I've tried it with Charles Craft 22-count, wish I'd rinsed out the sizing first, but the colors held. I've never tried linen. HTH.