Sunday, May 17, 2009

End of a wonderful weekend

And it has been a glorious one at that.  Beautiful weather, slight breeze, freezing house (D likes it COLD) and I was able to surprise D for his b-day present.  Not often I can surprise him like that.


Weird Al Yankovic has a parody to Riding Dirty by Camilionaire called White & Nerdy.  We love the video and D wanted the hoody.  Nice that it can be found on Weird Al’s site.

Now for the all importante’ stitchy stuff!

As I stated yesterday, I hit A&T before heading over to the SAL to get fibers for La D Da’s Quaker Alphabet I got from Cathy.

The fabric has lots of sparklies and I actually chose silk threads (so not me).

La D Da Quaker Alphabet 5-17-09

La D Da Quaker Alphabet 5-17-09 a

Color Scapes linen 36ct Crystal Sorbet.  Silks are Belle Sorie Empress and Dinky Dyes Native Plum

Tanglewood has been growing like crazy.  I have another branch 1/2 complete and added more sky

Tanglewood 5-17-09

We did get a new camera (WOOT!) and of course the first pic was


can really see Homer’s pretty green eyes now.


  1. Glad you had a great weekend, Rachel! You're stitching progress is lovely.

    Congratulations on the new camera! I hope we'll see even more lovely photos on your blog!

  2. Congrats for the new camera !!! I see you had fun already with Homer ;-)