Sunday, March 8, 2009

Evil springing forward

Its nonsense I tell you.  The only thing good about skipping forward an hour is that Homer is confused and not complaining about being fed at 5am - so far.  My evil plan is to change his feeds from 6:30 (am/pm) to 7:30.  Wish me luck!

My ass is a bit kicked today.  Had Canned Nuts at my lns Sat, which is a stitching party of 25 peeps that hang out at the shop from 6pm - midnight.  Good fun, laughs and eats to be had.  So as I get home after midnight, I took my new migraine med late (close to 1am).  I didnt want to take it earlier as Im still getting used to how it affects me (ie how fast it will knock my on my ass for bed) and since it was freezing and possible snow and late I just didnt want to play with the gods that way.  And you all knew it was Spring Forward night right?  10am Sun rolls around (but really its 9) and D comes in to the bed room letting me know the time.  It was all I could do to get up!  And I did get at least 8 hrs of sleep.  I finally got my weekly shopping done by 9:40pm.  I wouldnt have gone at all but we all needed lunch food for tomorrow.

Oh well, enough whining right?

I did take picks of the BAPs Im working on with me to Canned Nuts, to show all just how much a nut I am (lol).  I was able to add more to Frodo's face but dont have pics to share.  Today it just wasnt bright to try and pull anything out for stitching so I didnt.  I can do what the inner voices tell me some times.

Thanks for all the wonderful comments and wish everyone happy stitching and kicking the frogs back in the pond.

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