Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Stash Wonderful Stash

SO thx to JoAnns wonderful DMC sale this past weekend, I was able to almost complete kits for 2 new projects.  Ive spent the last 3 days winding my finds.

The pile has gone from 


So while winding bobbins I found something interesting - like evil scientist interesting.  Is DMC renaming colors?  I noticed that 3813 has (504) underneath it on the lable.  ??

So I bet you are just itching to find out what newbies Im working on.

Here is my new bap - just under 75k

And here is a gem I found in the March Cross-stitch & Needlework

Kudos to all my visitors.  The fact that you will stop by to see if I have a nugget of wonder to ponder about and I have been rude and not posted anything.  Thank you for taking time and see me :o)


  1. DMC has been adding new colors and discontinuing others...your 3813 is to be used in patterns where 504 is listed.....

  2. Ooo, great stash! I love buying new floss!

    The (504) means 504 was discontinued and that 3813 is it's substitute color.

    Wow, those new charts will keep your fingers busy!

  3. Darn it, I missed a DMC sale!!!! I noticed the parenthetical numbers on some I purchased a couple of years ago, and didn't really think anything of it, except that I had one of the 50_ colors (maybe 504) and another one with the same 50_ number in parens.

    Amazing winding, and I just want to find your house and look at your beautiful bobbin boxes. I'm drooling over your organization. Mine are currently scattered all over the ironing board!

  4. I am so jealous !!!! SO many great colors !!! I even tried to hurt myself by enlarging the pics (but couldn't so I'm saved ! lol) I missed my Hooby lobby , Michael's and Jo Anns ... :-((

    I love th flower : it's going to be beautiful ;-)

  5. Oh what a beautiful picture! Gorgeous to any stitcher :D I'm with Chiloe I'm jealous DMC is never on sale here! Your new projects are going to be gorgeous!

  6. The wolf project is lovely.

    Well done on getting all those threads wound onto cards.

    I'll have to check but I'm sure 504 is one of the threads I'm using for Love Songs so I'll have to watch out for the number changes.