Saturday, February 7, 2009

Long Saturday

Seems that today dragged on.  May have been the cleaning up we did.  Went shopping for storage containers and finally got all the Christmas stuff put away!  D took the time whilst I was away to take apart the living room area and redesign the entertainment area to be more to his liking.  Supposedly we will now have better space to seat the whole family in front of the TV instead of munshing everyone just to see the TV.

Saturday Ponders

What is up with drug companies these days?  "here is a drug that will fix all your problems, but be aware that our drug may kill you"  W.T.F.?  Watching a commercial for Psoriasis (but cant recall the drug's name) and part of the "side affects" list skin infection, infections that may eat away the skin, infections that may proliferate through the whole body - that could lead to death, and Death.  Again - What is sooo special about this drug that would make me want to even think about taking it?  My dad was in a test study for Psoriasis but I have no clue if this drug may have had anything to do with what happened to him last summer or if its by sheer coincidence they now list what happened with him (infections that proliferate through the body) with the side affects of this one drug?  See ponders!

What is up with people expecting you to do their work for them?  This is more of a work vent than anything and I really hate spouting off about work on my personal blog - So I will leave it at that.

mmm spaghetti pizza -   If your in the Portland area and love pizza you must get over to Nonna Emilia's in Beaverton/Aloha and get one of their Spaghetti pizzas - bring some muscle with you as its Heavy!

Dr Pepper - made from prunes?  what is that taste??  Then if it is from prunes why does Dr pepper Cherry Vanilla taste so good when it sound like it should be just nasty?  Sure I Googled and found that there are "23 different flavors that make up the taste of Dr Pepper".  Good Lord!  So there could be prunes in that mix!!

DL - takes 2 days to clean his room, had it clean for 1/2 hr and then dumped Legos all over the floor.   (Im building stuff Mo-om!).  And after look-sees, he has a lego destruction book out and is whistling tunes - jingle-bells included.  Poor kid had the lego's attack him as a motor piece decided it needed a snack and tried to eat part of a palm.  Took D to get pliers to remove a piece so we could extract the hand from the lego.  Quite the drama!

Now for the stitchy stuff!

I worked on LOTR map  during yesterday's Lets Stitch SAT and again today.  I was able to get a bit done but now its sitting in time out due to a frog issue.  Tantrums happened, toys put away and its now thinking about what happened.

So I pulled out His name and added the other 2 colors, mainly checking to see how all would look together and if the light yellow would be washed out. 

The colors Im using are 742, 743 and 745 with 744 as a pinch hitter if 745 cant make the grade.  But I think it works quite nicely.

Big apologies for the camera - its old and I swear has dementia as some days it can take good pictures and then others it forgets its a camera and has no clue what its job is.  Hoping we can correct this sometime later this year - but getting a new camera just isnt a priority.

That is all for today :op


  1. You really have to watch those Legos, they can get a little vicious at times. I remember quite a few injuries from wild Legos at our house!

  2. Your WIps are looking great. I cant' wait to see your LOTR piece develop.

  3. What is it with kids and rooms and legos. I say "clean your room" and literally it takes weeks. And countless "am I done yet?" "is it clean?".