Sunday, January 11, 2009

Another lazy Sunday

I had plans for today, really.  I wanted to go to the library and pick up books I have on hold but getting to bed late and up early (gee, thx Homer) my bod and mind made other plans such as not doing a darn thing except dinner and washing clothes.

Out of the mouth of babes?  DL would like to know if he always has to fold and put his own clothes away (add a big sigh and that is what I got).  Surprisingly he didnt have a comment when I asking him if I still have to wash his dishes, make dinners (lunches etc) or any of the other things that magically seem to get done around the house.  The look of confusion was almost worth it.  Then I smiled and said suck it up and get it done :P

Homework, homework - still working with P to not procrastinate when getting homework done.  Sure the weekend is all he has (atm) for playing games & such but when he knows a bigger than normal assignment is due and he has time to work on it, the weekend is perfect (not the whole weekend but some has to be done before gaming time).  So far the teachers are nice about not assigning a ton of homework when they've assigned a project but that doesnt mean it wont happen come High school and I know it doesnt happen for college.  So Im picking this opportunity to get him in the habit of working on projects a bit at a time when time allows.  So far he has been able to get most if not all projects completed ahead of schedule.  Makes evenings during the school week much easier on us all.

Ever have one of those happy scissors that just want to snip where you dont want them to?  I snipped a thread too short and before I had tucked in - what to do??  Well I had just enough to have it fold over so I got some tacky glue and tacked the sucker down! Muhahaha.  Now to pray I dont have to frog that section...

Here is what I was able to complete today on Midnight Fright.

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  1. LOL, Rachel, about the glue! Regardless, Fright Night looks properly spooky.