Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Ornie finishing

Not going so well, Im blaming it on the weather and the false sense of security its giving me in that we wont be celebrating Christmas with extended family until the weekend.  I was able to complete one other one and put two others together (just waiting for the fiddly bits around the edges).  I hope to do a few (at least one) more tomorrow along with all the wrapping (yup, D lucked out on that again this year *sigh).

Celtic banner came out again today and I have part of the side done (black forest only) with the letter A and part of B complete.  That was my goal today - getting at least one letter done. 

Tomorrow my nephew will be stopping by to play while his parents do some secret shopping (total assumption on my part).  Hopefully the boys will be entertained long enough for me to get most of the presents wrapped.

No new snow today but they are threatening more tomorrow.  Will it never stop!  Its one thing when it happens enough (like at least every winter) that people are used to it.  Rain?  no problem.  A little bit of snow and its like the insane asylum inmates broke out and are driving everywhere.  Here we are with 10+ inches of snow (much more in some places) during the last week.  Totally unheard of for Portland.  Sure 10 inches in the whole season - not in a 10 day period!

Now as I have visitors actually coming to my house in this mess, I will do my best to shovel and sweep (lol) snow off the pathways and porches.  Wish me luck in getting to pavement through the ice & snow!


  1. Yeah my parents just cancelled coming over for dinner becuase we're under a warning for freezing rain.

    I'm a little bummed about that.