Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Stitchy updates

I've been working a bit on one of the old projects and more on the new. Sad bit of affairs that is eh? The old projects sit next to me and beg to be worked on but the new are so fun! Such is life.

I worked a bit on Noah & Crew last night and in addition to what was added during Friday's SAT, the boat is almost completed (yea!). And then its on to all the backstitching...

On Tanglewood, 2 more branches are ready for the outline stitching. Which makes it even easier to stitch on MAX.

The tree on Midnight Fright also received a few more branches - after I removed the frog that had made a home there.
Dad Update
He is back home. Sleeping when I called to catch up on things. Not much of an update but good news that he is back home. I do know he hates these set backs
Knowing there is still a bunch of stuff at the house left to be moved, Ive asked mom to pack boxes so they will be ready for me to come and pick up a load thurs or friday (or both) as I will be working from home - Parent teacher conf for DL. Im hoping that mom wont spend a lot of time there trying to move stuff on her own (or have dad try and move stuff - which he has!!). Only thing I did request is that the boxes not be too heavy as it would be just me and the boys and they cant lift much.
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  1. The stitching looks good. Pleased to hear your dad's back home again, I'll keep my fingers crossed that there won't be anymore unscheduled trips back to the hospital for him.

    I bet you'll be pleased when everything is moved, unpacked and settled into its new home.