Saturday, October 18, 2008

Fall colds

I hates them!!

P has been dealing with on (or allergies) since the beginning of school, DL has had them on and off since start of school, D started one this weekend and so thoughtfully shared it with me. (RUDE!!)

Today was spent at the parents house moving boxes and a computer to the apt. Got D's truck packed as well as Mom's mini van. I do have to say they are running out of room to unload at the apt. Lisa is planning on helping unpack tomorrow and hopefully she is lucky to get some of the un-needed unloaded and recycled.

Dad is doing better but getting run down fast.

Ive been working on Sunflower House this weekend, getting another flower completed and hopefully a bird or 2. I so want to have a finish of anything soon. Getting Sunflower House or Noah & Crew done will finish 2 tasks in one as both are x-mas presents. So I get a finish and a present done all in one shot :o)

Have a great weekend!

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