Sunday, September 7, 2008

Dad Update

We got to hear Dad talk today!

He doesnt remember the events that got him to ICU or much of anything that happened during the last week. Most of that is due to the meds he was on - to help forget or postpone the events until later.

His brother Charlie and sister Martha stopped by while we were there this afternoon and it was great to hear him talk. We wore him out during the 1 1/2 hr we were there so the visit was short today.

He is wanting a BBQ with the family when he is out and wants to make it up to Seattle for the breast cancer walk/run next week to cheer on a friend! With as much as he has healed this week, who knows - maybe he can get driven up to watch?


  1. I'm glad your dad is doing better. {{hugs}}

  2. WONDERFUL!!!! I bet it was like heaven listening to him talk again :o)

  3. That's awesome news! What a relief for you all I bet!! Hope he continues to recover speedily!!