Friday, August 15, 2008

Game playing/Olympic watching

Small stitching night.

Spent part of the night leveling a character in Titan Quest. D is already up to 19. I made it to 12 (up from 9) before calling it a night.

I did finish the house on Sunflower House. Have the remaining flowers and specialty stitches remaining! W00T!

Needleworker came out to play and I finished all the words (had a letter A left ) and heart as well as upper case D. Not much but got a bit stitched.

While stitching got to watch Phelps swim (yup, another gold) and the highlights of the women's gymnastics all-rounds(?) How do they jump so high?? Now catching the FASTEST MAN in the world. And they make it look so easy (*sigh)

A big thanks to all your wonderful comments on Sunflower House.


  1. Sunflower house looks wonderful. xx

  2. lol Soooo easy, but they get up and train at 4am and probably train for 4-6 hours a day. Me? I'd rather stitch 4-6 hours a day. :)

  3. They jump so high in part because the floor is sprung, although it also has a lot to do with the hours and hours and hours they have spent in the gym training.