Monday, July 14, 2008

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Answering a couple questions asked by bloggers:

Chiloe asked me: "May I ask why you changed the way you stitch? AT first, you must need to concentrate a lot as the old habits must come back very fast .... "

Answer: I had been wondering if I was stitching "correctly", which part of the X to place first. I had been going \ to / and having issues with threads hiding under the fabric. Then in a recent stash purchase I found why placing the X starting with / helps and that is why I am changing. The old habit is actually easier to break than I thought and I may not care about how my current WIPs are half & half.

Staci asked me: "How was the smokehouse chicken? That sounds perfect for those nights when I need dinner to cook itself!"

Answer: The chicken was great and because of the 10 hr slow cook the meat had fell off all the bones. The hardest part was finding all the bones before feeding the kids. D has plans to do the same type of meal except using barbecue sauce and chicken breasts and serve on hamburger buns, sloppy joe style.

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