Saturday, June 7, 2008

Saturday open stitch = stash alert

After spending a quick morning cleaning up the house (with P's help it only took an hr and no Im not renting him out! He dusts :P) and doing some grocery shoping, it was finally time for me to head off to Summer Saturday open stitch at Acorns & Threads, my lns. Today found me trying to work on A Friends House as I finished Special Teacher yesterday. Towards the end of my stiching time I noticed I had been stitching with the wrong color the entire time - Gads! So this evening I will be riping out the work I added. oh well.

My consolation is my new stash. I finally picked up Home of a Needleworker by Little House Needleworks. I chose the older version that has the alphabets along the bottom. I was also thinking of changing the colors, more blues to match my own house but after I picked the fabric and got the original colors, everything just goes together so well that I cant bring myself to change the thread colors. I have 32 ct Jobelan Water lily for this project, a light green color and very pretty (its green so I will like it anyway)

For a Halloween theme project (cause I just dont have enough going on and my LNS is so good at enabling), I picked up Skeleton Crew by The Cross-eyed Cricket. The kids found it last week when they came with and I knew I needed to get it done. Maybe not this year but soon.
Finally I grabbed a 32 ct Ivory jobelan 13x18 and should be a perfect size for Housework by Lizzie*Kate, which I have on order... (so much for trying to be good...)


  1. I've looked at Skeleton Crew, because I love Halloween designs, but at the time I was on a Stash Diet and was good. If I finish up, oh, say, two dozen or more patterns I already have, MAYBE, then I can buy some more!

  2. Feel always so good to shower ourself with little treats ;) Enjoy !!!!

  3. Acorns and Threads looks like a really nice shop. I'm sorry you were visited by the frogs on Friend's House! I hope they have been sucessfully exterminated.

    Lovely new stash; that always brightens any day! Who cares about being good...she who dies with the most stash wins, right? Is your favorite color green...mine is. If I'm not careful I end up buying everything in green, from household stuff to stash!

  4. Nice new stash, love that Skeleton Crew~~too cute!