Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Open stitch night

was fun as usual. Didnt get too much more completed on Spring Bunny, spent too much time gabbing :0. I did take some time to kit up one of the patterns that found its way home with me Sat, A Friends House. Perfect fabric and more DMC thread - I hope to start that this week.
Thanks out to Jeannine for helping me find my start corner. This will be my second project that I dont start in the middle.

She also helped me research fabric for my M Design anniversary project. Which I found while looking through Paula's blog, where she did her parents initials with the heart. I fell in love. My wedding colors were dark green and cream, Jeannine suggested working the project on dark green fabric and use cream thread. Ooooh, the planning! So Im off to save up for the patterns, then the fabric. The thread should be a piece of cake after that - depending what I stick with :p

Next stitch group is Sat - hoping the rain is rained out from this week and we have a great day (and so we can sit outside)

Thanks for stopping by...

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