Monday, June 9, 2008

Home of a Needleworker

Started Home of a Needleworker today and got the top row completed and started on the roof. Yesterday I spent most of my time working on A Friend's House and was able to complete a good portion with a bit of frogging and correcting the W & X on Happy Home getting that ready for a Thurs-Friday workout (gotta get back in the groove). All around the weekend was really productive and so far the frogs have stayed away. I will try and get pictures posted tomorrow.

Im working on trying to find some place to fit P's stocking, now that I have the fabric and need to get the thread, in the mix. Im trying to work out a rotation but placing tasks in a list of needs to work on just doesnt seem to work for me but if I want to get the stocking done by Christmas (which is SO do-able) then I need to get going, eh?

P and I need to hoof it to Michael's tomorrow and grab a frame for Special Teacher. I have until Thursday night to get that completely finished and wrapped so he can hand it off on Friday - Which I have off so I can hand deliver him and the present (making sure it actually makes it out of his backpack).

The boys are SO EXCITED about the end of school. Its all DL can talk about. Both are so over homework and I think the teachers are as well. They still have MOM homework to complete, which at this time is at least 1/2 hr of reading every night - longer is ok. Grandma homework will begin sometime in July. She wants to get work books and have them do at least 2 pages (front and back) a day to keep their brains working.

D found out his surgery for cyst removal is next Tuesday. I was sooo hoping that could be put off till late fall or early winter. Give us enough time to save up so we arent so tight while he is out. But Dr said it either comes out now or chance having the cyst grow back during the summer - yuck. Well to see the silver lining, since he will be home - Grandma can save on gas and D can take care of the boys while they "take care" of him. Their taking care will be to fill up water bottles and maybe help more with dishes. I cant imagine what else at this time. We will know more next Wednesday. Thoughts for a speedy recovery are most welcome :)

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  1. Hi Rachel,
    Thank you for visiting my Blog - now I found yours! Very nice :) How old are your boys? Mine are 9 and 16 months - big age difference there ~ they are heaps of fun and adore each other.

    My Ben can't wait for the end of school too. That homework gets annoying, he says. LOL


  2. Busy, busy , busy you! I'm glad you are finding time for stitching!