Wednesday, May 7, 2008

More spring

I spent time this evening adding more x's to my spring bunny. Now there is more to the skirt and hopefully more for me to do while riding the train to work. If I have a known number or section of color to do without having to pull out the chart, the more I am willing and able to brave stitching on MAX(Portland Metro transit train). But there are just some days that no matter how will I plan, there just is no way I am able to get it out. Sardines cannot stitch!

Stitching is a great compliment to listing to books on my iPod. My current novel is the unabridged version of Fellowship of the Ring. I had a story version with Ian Holm (Bilbo in the movie) doing the part of Frodo and Ian McKellen doing Gandalf. It just wasnt right and Im sure its due more to the movies than anything else. I just couldnt get past the first CD.

We had another great day in PacNW, meaning it didnt rain (lol). Also meant the boys could (and did!) go outside and play. Anthony came by late in the evening asking if the boys could come out and play so all three went from our house to his and were outside for a good couple of hours. Makes me wish Anthony and his family moved in sooner. Homer was beside himself. Couldnt find the boys anywhere and was wandering around the house meowling loudly trying to find them and when that didnt work, he decided to sit by me and meowl his complaints. Didnt listen to me that the boys have others to play with and all he did was lie about and bite. *sigh - may not be a quite spring while he gets used to this change.

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  1. I know a lot of people who love audio books, but I just can't get past the fact that people speak too slowly. I guess I just read really, really fast. Luckily there are podcasts. I can listen to people discuss and pontificate all day (as long as they are reasonably intelligent and there aren't any commercials [yeah, NPR]).