Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Pulled teeth

The boys did FANTASTIC!! today. The Dentist was really surprised at how well both handled the whole extraction process, really surprised at how DL was and remarked that he wished all of his patients would act as well behaved and mature when going through similar processes. Makes me so proud of my kids and very assured that I picked the right dentist for my kids to go to.

On another note Grandma (my mom) has wonderfully accepted the position to watch the kids after school. So in addition to being able to come home on the bus (much excitement there) and playing with friends after school, the kids are excited to see their grandparents more often. Grandma will be staying with the kids all day during summer and Grandpa is having a great time thinking of ways to turn what is left of our back yard into a garden. I must say I am glad he is offering as I was thinking about getting something started to help keep food costs down. Now I will have to make pickles (Deal between me and D. have a garden, have to grow cucumbers and make pickles - YUCK!).

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  1. A garden seems like a lot of fun !!! Maybe pickles won't grow !!! lol It's great your kids will have their grand parents all summer long ;)