Friday, January 25, 2008


This week just seemed to d r a g g e d by. I think it had to do with the mad dash we did last week with the move. This week everyone was sick with something. The boys have nasty colds, D has something that caused a fever and I was just in a funk.

I'm closer to completing Winter's Eve. Everything is done except for the border, which is about 1/2 done. I'm also still working on figuring out how I want to finish the project. Decisions!

Tomorrow I get to wait around for the Direct TV tech to align our dish, run through weekly cleaning, continue to find homes for stuff, take the cat to the vet and get ready for a get together on Sun. And I have plenty of help (riiight) from the kids. I also need to call around and see if I can find someone to shave the cat so I can bring him home. Hair is too long and it gets everywhere!

One thing I love about being back home is the light. We have actual lights in the rooms and I can cross stitch in almost all of them without needing any extra lamps. Its very liberating because in the apartment, there were very little overhead lighting and what we had was dim at best. I was connected to my little desk lamp. It is wonderful to be able to stitch in any room I want. Lately its been in the office, spending time with my DH while watching him play WoW and whatever is on TV.

Well I'm off to peruse and see if I can find a recipe for cleaning tile. My huge shower is all tile and I want to keep the grout clean and happy without harsh chemicals. I have to spend the time cleaning it and dint want to pass out from the fumes. Down to Earth is a great blog I found roaming around the intertubes during Christmas/New Years. Stop by and have a read.

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