Sunday, January 20, 2008

Looking more like a kitchen

and less like ground zero. The kitchen seemed to be the place to put anything in a plastic grocery bag during the move this week. I had toys, computer stuff, books, and clothes - all in the kitchen. I was able to make a huge dent in the mess and its on the way to looking nice. I spent my morning cleaning out the remaining cabinets so I could get rid of most of the mess. For a change of scenery, I worked on getting MY books put away and in a somewhat reasonable fashion so I can see just what I have. I am a science fiction and fantasy junky and my personal library runs the gambit from Heinlein to WM. Simmons with McCaffry, Lackey and of course Rowling thrown into the mix. While placing these treasures away, I noticed some huge holes of where books should have been. Such as the majority of my Honor Harrington novels (by David Weber) and Rachel Morgan books (by Kim Harrison) were missing from the piles. I am only hoping that for some strange reason I packed books to store in the garage (gasp!) OR they are at work waiting for a grab-to-read-something-on-the-train-home.

To cap of my busy weekend, I did manage to take a break and work on some of my Bride's Tree SAL. The pattern I've chosen is Winter's Eve by Country Cottage Needleworks and I'm using all DMC threads thanks to thread converter charts. The Christmas Ornament SAL is actually scheduled for next week and I have no clue what I'm doing for that one. I've been lurking through the interweb and have several projects in mind for ornaments it shouldn't be too hard to pick one for this month's theme (course I'm nuts!)

Well, enough of the rambling and off to bed!

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