Sunday, December 16, 2007

Not so quite on the home front

First off - sorry for the month-long silence. Didn't realize it had been since 11/24.

To begin - the Title says it all. No we aren't moved in yet, but hope to begin moving some items in before New Years. I was planing on taking some updated pics on the progress but have been happily thwarted by workers. Painters were in yesterday (hopefully finishing up the ceilings) and reconnaissance communication by the folks (thx to a drive by) found flooring is on first plate today. I will try to drift by later after Homer (cat) duty and see if new pics can be done.

As to the reason for the dry spell is simple - tis the season :) I chose to create ornaments for gifts this year and have spent most of my spare time getting the stitching done. I had planned on getting as much as I could done by Sat and then spend the remainder doing the finishes. Then I remembered Christmas is starting on Sat (22nd) with a gathering at my sisters. Guess I need to jump up the schedule, at least for that group.

Stocking pattern for P and present for b-i-l came in this week so I was able to pick them up and also take a quick look at offerings for fabric. P's stocking has a huge dragon on it and the example has it on a lt green fabric. We found some gray overdyed that would make any colors we choose for the dragon stand out. Just have to wait and see.

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