Monday, May 28, 2007

Teams anyone?

OK, one post before my head needs to smack the pillow.

Learning teams - if you are in school, ya know the pain I am talking about. I am in my last class for University of Phoenix Online and I swear, "senioritis" has hit the team I am on. One student cant figure out how to use the reply to group button (This really pisses me off - its an online class for gods sake! How did she make this long without someone killing her for it? Its called threading for a reason!), another hasn't responded to the group since the first day of class. There is one other trying to make it work and unfortunately for the two of us, we are it for this culminating team paper.

To make matters even better, U of P decided they were going to "upgrade" their online posting to make it "better" for us students. Um thanks? So half this class has the upgrade. yea. This half is in the sink hole and falling fast as the college didn't really get all the kinks out (shocker eh? testing, hm don't think so). Us other half that didn't are stuck with the "can you see my post" posts, no threading (leads to a messy class and hard to find anything). Me? I'm supposed to get the upgrade during my next class. RIGHT! Cya! (ha ha) It is my last class!

Gotta love some IT departments and their lack of testing procedures.

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