Monday, May 28, 2007

Procrastinate now, don't put it off.

This is what I feel like today. Worked all weekend in the yard and after 3 days of toil, only got to about 1/4th of what needed to get done. D feels bad cause he got hurt and couldnt help like he wanted. Three trips to the dump, two to the yard debris place, and mowing the grass at my sister's makes me a tired girl.

The boys have spent their long weekend mostly in doors playing video games. They did spend a long time outside Sat playing with water guns and water-worms. They got completely soaked :o) and asked for showers when they were done (that was a shocker to hear).

Right now, other than writing this post, I am putting off school work and watching D play Gears of War (cant understand how people can play first shooter player games!). DL is watching movies in his room while P is in mine playing games. Doesnt sound like much will get done today. Glad I got the shopping done yest as well as the wash.

Now I just need to build up the energy to complete school postings for the week, make dinner and shove the kids in the shower tonight for school tomorrow. Bring on the fun.

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