Thursday, July 12, 2018

PRs and Modifications

Creating new records for yourself is such a moral boost. 

The way my Crossfit Coach is having us train for heavy lifts has us increasing weights about ever 5-6 weeks.  This week and next are the heavy weeks meaning I will be lifting close to or higher than my last heaviest weight Ive done for that movement.

This week I had my heaviest Back Squat, 140#. So motivating!

Today we are doing Front Squats and my goal is 130#.  I can squat the weight, its holding it on my shoulders that may be my limiting factor for a while.  I did 120# last week and still feel a bit bruised.

I found out last week that I have tendonitis in my left forearm, which makes lifting any weight over my head with a bar painful.  Im wearing a brace most of the time, not during workouts due to the sweat I create and I only have the one brace.  So far I dont have an issue with the main weight lifting part of CF as those are either squats, deadlift or bench press and none of these require my arm to twist as doing any press over head will do.

Im not allowing the tendonitis to stop me from working out.  It is causing me to think a bit harder for workout prep, for what I can change in the workout that will allow me to do close to the same movements the workout is focusing on and gets me sweating.

Instead of barbell lifts, I can use dumbbells or a band.  Plate situps instead of burpees. 

With these modifications I still participate and get my sweat on.

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